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Plants and Animals

Plants and Animals the trio of Warren C. Spicer, Matthew Woodman Woodley, Nicolas Basque from Montreal in Canada have been around for a while now, with a debut LP coming out in 2008 and a follow up in 2010.

Plants and Animals

Plants and Animals

This is an example of frustration and I know so may bands go through this. There is something really engaging about this band, BUT…… It was the massive but that made me hesitate for 18 months before actually getting to write about Plants and Animals, the hesitation in the mind of bands is Perfection. The music is somehow too stylised for it to be worthy of consideration on the indie bands blog, yet… there is real heart and soul in the material.

This dichotomy of ad hoc and anal retention is a sublime issue for musicians around the world. Music fans and I include myself in this list, would prefer more output, but as creators it needs to sit with the bands ears first off. Plants and Animals have just scraped over the wall on this one to my ears, but I wish these guys would just relax the sphincter a tad.

There are some superb compositions to be heard and it is probably due to the vocal that this one wins through, as it retains an emotional grip on the track. The three play well together, but the instrumentation lacks spontaneity, which is a great shame.

But, as regular readers of the site know, I am not here to decry musicians, rather to give them a space to be found and Plants and Animals deserve finding, they just need to come out of the bushes more often to give the hunters a chance, we can deal with warts, live that whole introspection episode disappears.


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