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The Truth Of All Love by Ben Rusch

The singer songwriter, Ben Rusch has just released his latest offering, The Truth of All Love, a 12 track release.

The Truth Of All Love by Ben Rusch

The Truth Of All Love by Ben Rusch

As readers of the website will be well aware, the musical out-put of Ben Rusch and my personal preference in music are poles apart, but this is a powerful and evocative release which deserves a far wider appreciation than it will ever receive.

The Truth Of All Love by Ben Rusch

Opening with The Night When We Fell, the distinctive bass vocal of Ben Rusch is joined by key-board and acoustic guitar, setting the framework for the album – lost love.

I Will Love You for a Long Time, flows naturally as a reflective piece, whilst there is no a capella, I am somehow left with reminders of Gregorian Chants.

And She My Vision Will Again Be Known, is accompanied by flailing piano chords, as the musical accompaniment adds a sense of trepidation to the obescration of the vocal, creating a vivid emotional out-burst.

A sound from a stage production comes to the fore with She Comes To Me In My Hour Of Weakness. Visions of a wide open stage with the vocalist in a spotlight with a recumbent female lit in the far corner of the stage, for some-reason wearing a Blue evening gown. Well that’s where I was heading with on this track. As you can tell, I find Ben Rusch to be an artist who evokes strong visual imagery and emotional resonance.

Until The End Of Days is played to a back-drop of a rapidly plucked guitar which for some reason reminds me of the  1978 sound-track to War of The Worlds mixed with Insomnia by Faithless.

The Ballads Are Soaked In Whisky retains the staccato guitar and demonstrates the composition talents of Ben Rusch as the sound mellows with the dexterous introduction of piano as the tracks develops and the whisky takes effect, drifting in to unconsciousness.

An accordian led How Long Must I Wait Until The Ocean, isn’t the sea shanty cliché it could so easily drift in to. Recollections of Simon and Garfunkel take the track to a images of looking out over a harbour to the ocean as night falls.

Promised Land is a keyboard confession of a confused and isolated individual, the vocal subdued behind the powerful framework of the piano construction.

The Ghost of You is the Heart of Me is the  heart of The Truth of All Love, The lyrics drive the track with an emotional and unwanted valedictory.

The perplexed and lonely lover heads to a hotel bar for In Loneliness And Wine, perhaps an easy pick-up before the reality of the situation rears its head.

The World Is Turned To Darker Days continues the emotional turmoil, as Ben Rusch excoriates to his heart with a superb melding of instrumentation, emotion and vocalisation. This is the strongest track on the release to my mind.

Finishing with The Truth Of All Love, a reflective of what could have been.

The Truth of All Love is an evocative tale of love unfulfilled, written with a heart-felt emotion and sense of loss. Ben Rusch is an creator who has much to offer the world of music.

Available for purchase by digital download from the indie bands blog here

Follow the link to find out more about Ben Rusch.

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