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Urban Spirit

Urban Spirit is an alternative rock band from Coventry in England made up of Adam Collins (Vocals), Jordan Nevin (Guitar),  Jack Brady (Bass) and Tom Hale (Drums).

Urban Spirit

Urban Spirit

Striding confidently in to the room are crescendos of guitars and strident drums as the quartet take the basic constructs of classical rock and inject it with a melodic underlay that softens the whole out-put to a sound that lays easily on the ears, whilst containing enough energy to get the body engaged. Breaks are harnessed in to manageable slices and the vocal resonates well with the music that Urban Spirit delivers to the listener.

I was somewhat surprised to find myself captivated by the material, which may well be something to do with the fact that Adam has a passing similarity in delivery to Dave Vanian.

Urban Spirit has set out a stool which will retain the interest of fans of rock and roll, whilst their gnarled edges will attract those who prefer a more indie feel. As would be expected with an influence heavily stepped in rock guitar sounds the tracks are fairly lengthy, but in my opinion they are well paced compositions that keep the listener wrapped in the story unfolding.

Since their releases Rock N Roller and The Times in early 2011, the band has gained a foothold in the local live scene and I would expect there to be further progression to a national level in short order.

Evidently taking their music career seriously they have taken the time to set themselves up their own website, something I regularly harken to bands as a pre-requisite. For more of one of the more valuable bands Coventry has to offer follow the link.

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