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The Hidden Revolution

The Hidden Revolution, from Manchester are made up of Chris Wise (vocal/guitar), Ian Sanderson (Bass/Synth), Jon Clark (Drums), Leon Brierley (Guitar), and Dale Harrop (Guitar).

The Hidden Revolution

The Hidden Revolution


The Hidden Revolution … just don’t hit my ears naturally, but I haven’t written the review yet…. regular readers would have gained the clue by the very mention of Manchester, the home of Factory Records. Their business model may be broken, but the music was so grown up and listening to The Hidden Revolution I still feel like the ten old wagging fingers at the world, capiche.

This is a genre of music which seems so pretentious, yet from time to time unearths gems and having drilled, cut and shaped I think I can raise my head to the light and say ‘Eureka’.

One day I must get round to explaining precisely why I think U2 are the pits, but for now lets get The Hidden Revolution away from that focus and spin another fractional.

The quartet manage to grab equilibrium, whilst guitar wanders on a soliloquy, it is quickly reigned back and the composite work in harmony, as a space resonating of the suburbs – and I guess this is where I have the issue with this genre –  is provided space for a valedictory message of inclusion, exclusion and confusion. Vocal jars with guitar and the bass fights against the drum, yet amongst the maelstrom a soundscape develops which draws the listener tighter in to the loop.

The congestion of angsts are exploded and in to the sky bursts an unexpected firework with the words The Hidden Revolution writ large.

Marching On Your Own by The Hidden Revolution


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