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The Mare

The Mare from Stockholm in Sweden is Charley Rivel (vocals / guitar / bass trumpet), Daniel Aronsson (keyboards / bass), Pontus Armini (guitar) and Anders Thorell (drums / vocals) who have been around as an indie-pop band since 2003.

The Mare

The Mare

Being underground is all well and good and in Sweden, as I have pontificated previously, the more Ice the better, but these guys really need to get a little more sunlight and so despite their reticence to provide anything more than a ‘we are The Mare’, let’s put a Bunsen burner to it.

Chirpy chimes come bouncing out of the speakers and the tinkle of bells reminds me of my ice-pick chipping away at an ice sheet 1 000 metres above the fall, you kind of hope it works, else it is all down to fate.

I do recommend taking a listen to these guys.

Anyway, there I was waffling about that tinkle on ice and then I thought, but this is great music so lets post a link and you know what. There isn’t one. Take it on trust The Mare is a decent band if only they would climb off the ice shelf.

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