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Island Twins

Island Twins is Erik Brauer (Guitar / Vocal), Meagan Brauer (Vocal / Bass), and Tony Del Cid (Drums) a lo-fi pop band from New York in the USA.

Island Twins

Island Twins

Avoiding the  potential sibling rivalry Eric and Meagan play different numbers of strings and each adds a completely different pitch to the vocal. The music is a delightful sashay back to CBGBs,  a smearing fuzz and  dripped with some honeycomb crumbs from ’60s pop overlay, each enhances the material lifting it to a completely new space in which the audience can find room on the dance floor to shuffle their hips.

This has all the decadent resonances of a Berlin nightclub without the electronics which the band delivers with considerable enthusiasm. In simple parlance, great stuff and another addition to the playlist. By layering with a lo-fi hum, the trio are able to capture denizens from a diversity of genres and deliver them to a pleasing new home simultaneously creating something intoxicating and refreshing.

Having only started as a solo project in 2011, the development has been rapid and it will be interesting to see if there is sufficient to keep the band as pro-actively creating over the longer-term. I certainly hope so, but whatever happens, thanks Island Twins for adding something of real value and interest to the world of music.


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