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Reveries is the alt-indie quintet of Gabriel Petterson (lead guitar), Alice Axinder (vocals), Noa Åkesson (vocals/guitar), Konrad Annerud (drums) and Martin Gabrielson (bass) from Linköping in Sweden.



This is the second band I have reviewed from the 104 000 strong city of Linköping and I look forward to being able to introduce everyone in due course…

Unmistakably Scandinavian the music floats across the room in a haze of reverbed shoegaze which Reveries have pared back marginally to produce a slightly different listening experience. The refined sounds play guitar against percussion with a vocal floating high above the soundtrack and it is the different melodies that emerge which gives the material a depth of sound that slowly curls its way into the ears.

By setting the juxtaposition of vocal against instrumentation the quintet challenge both themselves and the audience to capture the moment and to their credit the precarious balances work smoothly like  pivoting globes. Reveries are pushing the edges of compatibility and coming out with a sound that captivates for its sheer complexity and dynamics and for this I raise my hat. They are able to generate tracks which flow seamlessly yet on that journey take the listener on a ride covering much ground. The tempo suits perfectly, slower and we would be in the land of nod and faster it would quite simply not work.

When bands play around with formulas and come out with something distinctive yet easy to tune to it marks them out as one to keep an eye on. This is music is unlikely to hit the mainstream any-time soon and I wish them every success in ploughing their own furrow and I for one, will follow their development with a keen sense of interest.


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