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The Instruction

The Instruction from Louisville in the USA, is a five piece rock band. Blake Sakal (Vocals / Lead Guitar), Jeremy Stein  (Bass), Matt Davidson (Guitar / Keys) Stephen Wolf (Guitar) and Landon Tompkins (Drums).

The Instruction

The Instruction

Wow, that’s a lot of guitars to fit on a stage. Fit, they all do and of more interest, they each add something to the material which The Instruction plays. Steeped in sounds from Stadium rock, they nevertheless have been able to pare the soundtrack to fit the space in space in which they inhabit.

The quintet delivers a lightness that would not be anticipated from the instruments deployed, the vocal lifts the material to an easy to comprehend stage, whilst the sounds are given space to develop without clashing like sardines in a tin. It may not be the edge of the blade, but, it is the ability of the band to engage in an orgy of guitars and still maintain a refreshing blast of music which is the added value here.

I am quite convinced they have the capability to muster the chorale and perform on the largest stages where the real depths of abilities would shine in the spotlight. For now they retain a tightness of style which will and does pull the listener in to the space.


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