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PINWHEEL from Minneapolis in the USA is a five piece rock band comprising - Ben Brock (Vocals), Sam Benson (Synths), Ryan Nelson (Bass), Joe Kester (Percussion) and Joel Stein (Guitar).



I was intrigued by the synth – As regular readers will know, when one of those turned up one day to one of my bands’ practices – along with a happy smiley bassist suggesting this may be a good idea – The smashed up synth and accompanying player were hurled out of the rehearsal studio and the Bassist and I settled our differences with no such an object ever appearing again. So despite my skin going in to goose bumps at the prospect, I found something interesting, the synth turns PINWHEEL from ‘another rock band’ to a space of glowing embers.

A decent layer of guitar an energy powers through the speakers, before the electronic overlay floats in to the room to cloud the sound and add an interesting layer of delivery – I guess that is the difference between 2 and 4 channels live or 4 – 16 channels on recording for a skint band and the 64+ now commonly available on a bog-standard venue mixer.

Should I be cynical or accepting that music has moved on from ’78? I merely add it as an indicator of the greater number of variables now give musicians wider choices, but harder decisions to make. PINWHEEL have accessed these opportunities with open arms to deliver something that contains the core of the root derivative yet brought it up to the 21st Century, something which far too many rock bands of today fail to recognize.

I tilt my hat to a team of creators who have grabbed hold of rock, given it a good shake up and churn out something that sounds current, but still lets the listener head-bang as much as they desire.

I wrote recently about a Sidewinder and omitted to mention the ‘rock star late arrival’, but you can just get the sense of it from this video by PINWHEEL, The opening being the classic – we are here and – hey – you better listen – the essence of heavy rock as it should be.


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