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Brett Gleason

Brett Gleason a solo artist from Brooklyn in the USA was originally drawn to music after a childhood accident left him with a severe speech impediment. He found an affinity with music and continued to develop his instrumental versatility while expressing the isolation of world with limited verbal communication in his compositions. Now in his mid-twenties, Brett is able to share his early life introspection and learning to deliver a blend of exploratory electro-pop and classical structure to reflect a world of isolation.

Brett Gleason

Brett Gleason

This is music which bears the soul of Brett, with a pathos born out of exposing his soul and experiences to a wider audience. He is an artist who I have great respect for, as he is unafraid to posit to the listener his own vulnerabilities for ridicule. Brett is a brave artist who exposes his soul to the world and for this alone is a valuable addition to the inde bands blog. Undoubtedly this bearing of the soul is born out of an inability to verbally express his fears and emotions as a child, which makes for powerful soul searching compositions, which are created and instrumented by himself.

He combines structure and off-set sounds to generate an effect,  which when combined with lyric has all the elements which demands the listener become involved. With careful construct he creates an involving out-put, which combine structure with a sense of exploration.

The six track EP The Dissonance Brett Gleason - The Dissonance* released in January 2010 is a great way to get to understand the world of Brett Gleason.

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Brett  Gleason is a musician who resonates because of his absolute honesty. Had he had speech at an early age he may have become a poet, due to his early trauma he has used his training as a musician to magnificent effect.

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    Great resource, I bookmarked your site. Thank You!


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