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Video streaming with Veebeam HD

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If it plays on your PC you can stream it on your TV with Veebeam



It is easy to set up an audio mix, either for your own listening, or when friends are coming round. Organising a video mix is easy too, or watching a live gig stream on your PC, but so often, that small computer screen is a pain in the proverbial. With Veebeam the whole process of taking the stream and running it directly through your TV set is a piece of cake.

Plug the Veebeam box in to your TV, plug the wireless USB antenna in to your computer and hey viola, 19″ of PC screen becomes 42″ of TV. You can equally play streamed material or downloaded content. I subscribe to a lot of material on ustream, both entertainment and business related, while the ability to communicate is superb on ustream, sometimes it is just good to watch and so often wish for a larger broadcast area, Veebeam is an ideal solution, providing an easy plug-’n'-play system for TV connectivity.

Applications potentially are far wider, could Veebeam be a step change to the future of the TV subscription model, taking content from the internet rather than TV providers? Veebam needs a decent processor on the computer and what ever you do, don’t use it for in-play sports betting as there is a 2 second delay.

I kind of like how the world of time has changed. Analogue radio – on the nose, digital TV / radio, a slight delay, HD TV channels a longer delay and Veebeam an even longer delay. Who knows, in a few years all those delays could add up to one hell of a birthday party….


Could be yours in click  with a one off cost of £139.00,  Buy it now

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