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The Drums at Cambridge Corn Exchange 2010

The Drums played as part of the Shockwaves NME Awards tour, when I saw them on Friday 19th February, they were in good form. Opening the show to serried ranks of new fans and those who had come to see other bands on the tour.

The Drums 02 Academy Leeds February 2010 © Nick Pickles

The Drums 02 Academy Leeds February 2010 © Nick Pickles

A new band in a new country opening a five band set is not an easy feat, but they pulled it off with credit. The ricochet guitars quickly warming even the more sceptical standing at the back of the arena, by the third number, the front rows on the barricade were in full flow and many of the stragglers at the bar found space at the sold out event to come in and see exactly who are this outfit from New York.

Not that Jonathan Pierce was in the mood to run a biography, other than letting the crowd know they were from New York and a thank you between songs, The Drums let their music be their introduction and so it did very successfully.

With their mix of electro-pop and energising beat, The Drums played a half hour set to a crowd who took them to their hearts. In snatched conversations with other people at the show, it was apparent that they are gaining a loyal following in the UK, pretty neat work for a band only really been around since May 2009 and on their first UK tour.

They have come a long way in a short time and as their confidence grows, I am sure that the stage presence will grow to match the superb out-put. They worked hard to fill the large stage at The Corn Exchange and it was their music which leapt out in to the crowd.

By the end of the set, every song was greeted with anticipation and applause throught the auditorium. I envisage The Drums will continue to grow an enthusiastic fan base with those who come across their sound.

Their brief set is well put together, enabling the band to demonstrate their versatility, which has been overshadowed by the enormous success of the surf-pop Summertime EP.

Definitely worth getting out to see, for a sense of fun and well-being.

Thanks to Nick Pickles for allowing me to use  photographs taken at the O2 Academy in Leeds.

Thanks also to Tasha at Anorak for organising the tickets.

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