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The indie bands blog thinking

The indie bands blog aims to expose and showcase some of the best bands out there, from whatever style of music.

I don’t see this as a site on which I am a critic, just a music fan. Some of the bands won’t be to my taste, not a great surprise, but it is dedicated to all those musicians from around the world who have the get up and go, to give it a try.

I spent time in Beckenham during the late seventies and found myself drawn towards Punk, the fundamental changes Punk brought about to music and to an extent, society’s attitudes in the UK, encapsulated how I felt as a teenager and this has remained with me throughout my life, shaping my choices and perspective.

I was never a hard core fan of any of the bands, far more interested in pursuing my own agenda and my own musical tastes and I managed to get my first band together on the maxim of DIY. I wrote the lyrics and a basic tune, which was carved into chords by Dave, the guitarist and Bill, the bass player. Having each worked separately on the music, we had our first 4 hour band practice in a studio, long gone in Catford, followed that evening by a gig at a Pub on the Old Kent Road.

Of course I forgot the lyrics to one of the songs and we had a riot of an evening, supporting a couple of more established bands.

The whole purpose of this blog is to provide a platform for those people who have something to say and want to say it, through the medium of music.

I write these articles on the indie bands blog as music I come across, that I think has something to add to the weave of human experience.

I hope you enjoy the indie bands blog.

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