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Likes Lions

Likes Lions, a five piece from Sheffield in England, who describe themselves as Post-Awesomecore – how could I not look more. Rich Bristow (Vocals / Synth), Martin Ruffell (Drums), Will Page (Guitar / Synth / Vocals), Greg Pritchard (Guitar / Vocals) and Kyle Rice (Bass / Vocals) have been together since finding their feet in 2009, other than the elusive Ross, who was the former drummer.

Like Lions

Like Lions

I am absolutely smitten by the ‘tinkling’ that is the signature sound of Like Lions, yes it hurts my ears as the cymbal keeps thrashing away as a signature instrument and chords at the short end of the guitar, not to mention that Northern English high pitch vocal, it must be something in the water ‘oop Naarth’.

There is so much ripping through my ears they will either bend behind my head, or snap off completely, too much loud bass I guess. To my absolute surprise the lug holes have settle down, are still attached to my head and I am finding myself drawn to this intriguing combination. There are fascinating references to reggae chords, but of course as a Post-Awesomecore outfit, there is no off-beat, merely a ratchet up by three octaves to explore new spaces, which work very well.

Likes Lions are with no doubt setting their own direction, tip barely a titfer and you know what – this is great music. Looking forward to the rest of the year with these guys.

Future Colour EP by Likes Lions


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