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Coin from Kavala in Greece got together back in 2001 when Ioannis Karakostas (vocals),  Teo Theodoridis (guitars) and George Papathimiopoulos (bass) met at a party.

A strong friendship was formed and they continue to share similar dreams and ambitions. Despite the loss of their full-time drummer back in 2007, they have continued to develop their music, which draws on their everyday experiences, to paint a soundtrack to their lives.

With three LPs and a recent EP, Sudden Sounds, Coin have established a strong presence in their home country and are now looking to tour further afield.



Coin bring a refreshing take on indie-rock, with their clear and crisp playing. The reflective nature of the out-put adds a sense of melancholy and point of interested to this heavily populated genre. The clever bass lines generate depth to the music, which along side a strong guitar lifts the music above the mundane.

This isn’t a style of music which naturally resonates with me and I missed much of the ‘brit-pop revolution’ due to the overt commercialism pouring out of much of it, but Coin create a sound which seems more driven by wanting to express some resonating truths and for that I must give them credit.

I particularly like the concept of these guys being far better at getting to the essence of the sound far more effectively that many of the manufactured Manchester bands were ever able to explore.

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In my interview with them, the guys have set themselves some pretty high targets and I wish them well in achieving their aims, I just hope they manage to retain their freshness and honesty.

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