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Indie Music Tips #15 Persistence with David Wimble

David Wimble of The Indie Bible joins me to talk about persistence as an independent musician for episode 15 of the Indie Music Tips series. We talk about ideas such as evolving to survive, handling the negative, responding to the audience and more. For more information about The Ultimate Indie Bundle. No! Not Nick – […]

Indie Music Tips #14 Social Media with Adam Elara

For Indie Music Tips number 14 – Adam Elara of Southerland Nights joins me to talk about the effective use of Social Media. Southerland Nights are currently completing an LP and will be touring later in the summer. Join the indie bands blog on youtube for more of the best of Independent Music.

Indie Music Tips #13 Effective use of PR Firms with Betty Elektro

In episode 13 of Indie Music Tips I am joined by Betty Elektro of Elektro PR to talk about effective use of PR Firms. In a broad discussion about PR, in addition to getting the best out of a PR firm we also talk about the power of integrity when it comes to supporting charities […]

Indie Music Tips #12 Radio Play with Jon Madge

Jon Madge of Cofi Radio talks about obtaining Radio play for episode 12 of the independent music, indie music tips series. In this conversation we cover areas such as: Local, community and internet radio; The importance of having a website; Press releases; An announcement of an unsigned festival in London and; More. Links for Cofi […]

Indie Music Tips #11 Touring with Jason Myles

Jason Myles of La Fin Absolute Du Monde talks about touring for episode #11 on indie music tips. Whilst I comment at the opening of the conversation that Jason look tired, it is me who manages to introduce this as episode #12, even though it is episode #11. In this episode we talk about touring […]

When Is a Fender Bass Guitar Not a Fender Bass – When It’s a Fender Squier Bass!

Sponsored article – It’s now well over 20 years since Fender tried to move away from its rather troubled times in the 1980s and develop a more stable range of brands that would allow bass players and guitarists to make sensible choices about Fender’s the value-for-money and heritage offered by each brand. One outcome of […]

Indie Music Tips #10 Mastering with Thaddeus Moore

Thaddeus Moore of Liquid Mastering takes Indie Music Tips into double figures with thoughts and advice on getting the best out of Mastering. In addition to a competition which ends on the 30th June 2013. In which we talk about areas including mixing your own material, avoiding digital disasters, preparation of music to get the […]

Indie Music Tips #9 Relationship with a Producer with Chris Marksbury

The songwriter and photographer Chris Marksbury talks about getting the best out of a relationship with a producer in episode #9 of Indie Music Tips. In this discussion we talk about recording music, band photography, collaborating with Joe Lynn Turner, working with a producer and more. To connect with Chris about photography please drop him […]

Indie Music Tips #8 – Performance Options with Paul Liddell

In this the eighth edition of Indie Music Tips – Independent Music I have the chance to speak to Paul Liddell a solo musician from England about Performance Options. In this interview we talk about live streaming, taking responsibility for promoting gigs, preparing for Studio recording and more. The play-out track is Game Show Host from the LP […]

Indie Music Tips #7 – Measures of success with James Anderson

The whole purpose of this series about independent music is to reflect on the diversity of the music industry and on Indie Music Tips #7 I am joined by James Anderson of the English band Avon Cottage talking about the various measures of success. In this conversation around a very broad subject we discuss ambition. This […]

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