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Indie Music Tips #7 – Measures of success with James Anderson

The whole purpose of this series about independent music is to reflect on the diversity of the music industry and on Indie Music Tips #7 I am joined by James Anderson of the English band Avon Cottage talking about the various measures of success.

Avon Cottage

Avon Cottage

In this conversation around a very broad subject we discuss ambition. This is a highly subjective area  and what to one band may be meaningless, to another is a legacy of which they can be proud. Thanks James – a brave soul to be the first to step up on this subject.

The video concludes with a live recording of Sober As A Judge, which is captured from within the crowd and of itself is an interesting insight to what is really happening away from the stage.

The Avon Cottage website (be aware music immediately plays).

Photo credits: Matthew De Beer, Pabllo De Lá Cruz

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