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ALARMs is a post new-wave rock band from Boise in the USA with a three piece line-up of DanielMaxim and ANGEL.



With fulgent intensity the atmospherics that steal in to the room reflect off what ever they touch and the listener is wrapped in an ever increasing layer of atmospherics. The soubriquet ALmost A Religious Movement is somewhat apposite as a the material posses an out of this world sentience and the listener is almost hypnotised by the mesmeric percussion and synth combination.

Have a closer look at the image to get a feel for the thinking behind the trio.

In hitting play I was taken back to the likes of Kraftwerk and it comes as no surprise that they list amongst their influences Depeche Mode. With an ever growing fan base and a release which came out at the end of November 2012 – the five track EP –  I am Now - this is a band that has much to add to the world of music.

They have the ability to play around with pure electronics, yet can also wrestle with instruments and of particular note is a peculiar and striking combination of acoustic guitar within the constructs which is a sublime creativity that is a joy to the ears.

I look forward to getting to know ALARMs better in the coming months and wish them all the best with what has been a strong start in the music industry.


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2 Responses to “ALARMs”
  1. Martin says:

    Eh, sounds pretty bland to me. Almost cool, but I ended up yawning, maybe it’s meant to be ‘go-to-sleep’ music.

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