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Coast – a Celtic Rock band from Southampton in England has undergone various line-up transitions which has developed into the five piece of Paul Eastham (Vocals / Keyboards / Acoustic Guitar), Andy Davey (Lead Guitar / Acoustic Guitar / Vocals), Chris Barnes (Percussion / Vocals), Andrej Chernjavskij (Drums) and Hamish Ferguson (Bass).



Listening to half a track and the evidence of the Scottish roots of some of the band members becomes evident as guitars mutate into bag-pipe chords and what a delight it is. The music encompasses a diversity of influences which Coast is able to turn into a distinct out-put that at once engages aurally and with the slightly sombre channels engages an emotional response. The five players are well deployed as they maintain an even keel to the volume and the additional flexibility of the fifth member of the band is used to round out the sound and provide texture to the music, rather than attempt to destroy the speakers.

Having over the years developed experience of playing on larger stages, particularly across Northern Europe, I was somewhat nervous they may have lost the core of the sound to a perfect pitch. Whilst undoubtedly the musicians are highly capable they have been able to remain connected with the starting point and deliver their compositions with clarity yet with a genuine connection to the material.

I did have the opportunity to speak to Paul as part of the Indie Music Tips Series and the interview in addition to providing some useful advice to bands starting out on the journey with particular reference to connecting with fans, also gives an opportunity to find out more about the bands core essence.

There is plenty of opportunity to get out to see Coast both in the UK and in Europe this summer as they have embarked on an extensive touring schedule, whilst putting to bed the final touches to their third LP –  Long Way Home.


The Turning Stone – Coast is available on iTunes*.

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