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New Year Ninety 2013 20 – 11

The New Year Ninety reaches the sharp end of the proceedings now as we reach the top 20 and here is 20 -11. 20 – The Ocean (Argentina) 19 - The Drop (England) 18 – Rajasthan Roots (India) 17 – Hungry Ghosts (England) Cinema Boy is available on * 16 – El Haked The Indignant (Morocco) […]

Band of the month August 2012

The Band of the month for August 2012 as voted on by readers of the newsletter features a broad mix of musical styles and bands from three different continents.   1. Pussy Riot (Russia) 2. Magic Trick (USA) The Glad Birth of Love is available on * 3. The Gashers (USA) Law is Not Order is […]

Band of the Month July 2012 top 10 chart

Band of the Month July 2012 top 10 chart – after the votes are counted and the other stats all aggregated we find Marius from The Faroe Isles stand proud. 1. Marius (Faroe Isles) Things We Did is available on * 2. The Dirty Panties (USA) I am a Robot is available on 3. Island […]

Band of the month May 2012 top 10 chart

The band of the month top ten chart for May 2012 is dominated by bands from England, with only two other countries in the chart – Ukraine and Switzerland. Unlike  the predominance of  one country, the music reflects a broad range of styles. 1. Palace (England) 2. The Pins (England) Just Fine is available on * 3. The Redundants (England) 4. Colaars […]

Band of the week 15th to 21st January 2012

The band of the week on the Indie Bands blog for week-ending 21st January is the Oxford in England based band – We Aeronauts. The band was reviewed in November 2011. We Aeronauts. For more of the best bands from around the world join the indie bands blog on facebook.  

New Year Ninety 2012 10 to 2

The indie bands blog New Year Ninety 2012 chart for positions 10 to 2 10 – New Found Land (Germany) New Found Land TV4 Nyhetsmorgon – FOUL New Found Land | Myspace Music Videos 9 – My Glorious (Austria) 8 – Marla Mase (USA) 7 – Hot Head Show (England) 6 – Cosmo Jarvis (England) […]

We Aeronauts

We Aeronauts are an octet based in Oxford, England. Back in 2007 James Cunning (vocals, accordian, synth), Anna Log (vocals, piano), Jeremy Shepherd (drums), Tom Wade (bass), Greg Stuart (vocals/guitar), James Maund (electric guitar, mouth organ, banjo), Adam Jackson (trumpet) and James T went on a trip to France and came back a band, they have recently released the EP – Chalon Valley. This […]