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Skreamer from London in England is an alternative metal band comprising Samuel Morter (Guitar / Vocals), Sergio Ronchetti (Bass / Vocals), Bobby Steel (Drums) and Andreas Pavlou (Guitar). As you know well; rarely do I cover metal of any style as so much of it is  - turn up the volume and hope for the best. I can’t play a guitar, […]

Sounds of Venus – Star Dust, Baby

With my typical sense of disorganisation, I received news of the five track EP  Star Dust, Baby by Sounds of Venus a month before its release on the 8th August 2012, but have only just got round to writing a review. The band review of Sounds of Venus was published in March 2012. The EP finds […]

Sounds of Venus

Sounds of Venus is an ambient rock band from Boston in the USA. Mario Borgatta, Paige Califano, Josh Canevari, Logan Coats and Nick Susi, although only recently having got together have quickly established a creditable sound. There is an immediate warmth that flows in to the room, as Sounds of Venus deliver a superbly understated sound which wraps the head […]