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Band of the week top 5 chart w/e 26th January 2012

The band of the week top 5 chart for w/e 26th January is dominated by bands from England, with one sole representation from Argentina to break the stranglehold. 1. Skreamer (England) Don’t Look Down On Me – Single – Skreamer is available on iTunes*. 2. The Blue Collars (England) 3. Gardenia (Argentina) 4. The Newds (England) The First Strike […]


Target:Renegades formerly known as Hellbound Rebels is a rock band from Warrington in England. The line-up of Adam Hulse (vocals), Dan Fido (guitar / vocals), Jack Hamnett (bass) and Steve Erskine (drums) decided on a name change as after extensive touring they began to develop a more thoughtful sound and felt that there was strong differentiator warranting a fresh start. The […]