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Band of the month top 10 – March 2013

Three continents are represented on the band of the month top 10 chart for March 2013 and once again a diversity of musical styles.   1. The Blue Collars (England) 2. Moxine (Brazil) Hot December – Moxine is available on iTunes* 3. The Chances (England) 4. MAUD (England) The Navigation – EP – Maud is […]

Band of the week top 5 chart w/e 9th March 2013

With bands from two different continents and a range of styles the band of the week top five chart on the indie bands blog for w/e the 9th of March is an eclectic mix of sounds. 1. Moxine (Brazil) Electric Kiss – Moxine is available on iTunes*. 2. MAUD (England) The Navigation – EP – […]

The Scintillas

The Scintillas is an indie rock band based in South West London, England. The line-up of  Nev Evans, Paul Smart, Laura Callaghan and Jesse Butler have undergone a couple of name changes, but have found a steady banner under which to release a single – Say What You Like and a follow up EP in […]