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Band of the month August 2012

The Band of the month for August 2012 as voted on by readers of the newsletter features a broad mix of musical styles and bands from three different continents.   1. Pussy Riot (Russia) 2. Magic Trick (USA) The Glad Birth of Love is available on * 3. The Gashers (USA) Law is Not Order is […]

Band of the week 12th to 18th August 2012

The Band of the week for 12th to 18th August 2012 is a chart that once again reflects originality, diversity and currency, as selected by the readers of the Indie Bands Blog. 1. Red Ax Jam (England) Cross The Line is available on * 2. Pussy Riot (Russia) 3. Sine Circle (USA) Aqueous is available […]

Red Ax Jam

Red Ax Jam is a blues rock influenced quintet from London in England. Having started to tour in late 2010 - Max Davey (Vocals), Jared Rood (Guitar), Nima Chatrizeh (Guitar), Paul-Peter Merron (Bass) and Joe Gladwell(Drums) have steadily built up a following with their neatly constructed songs. Solid instruments and layering soar their way out of the speakers as you […]