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Guiguisuisui is an alt rock band from Changchun in China. A regular rotation of players line-up revolving around Dann Gaymer. The baseness of the sounds emanates from a hybrid home constructed instrument which marks out the territory that is Guiguisuisui. Listening to the material you kind of get the feeling that you are listening to a travelling circus […]


Ollo is the alternative electronica duo of Alex Crowfoot and Lars Chresta from Sydney in Australia. This is one of those bands that has been sitting in my inbox for the best part of a year for no good reason. Sean Hocking from Metal Postcard Records sent me over the what was then the unreleases LP Ape Delay, but time […]

The Emergency

The Emergency is a Melbourne, Australia based electro-pop team of Mila, Morgan and Cinta (Drums). Having started as a four-piece, distillated down to two and just added a live drummer the band has had an intriguing development, but they have now honed in on a space which is… Engaging bass challenges my sub-woofer, not to mention the […]