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Band of the month May 2012 top 10 chart

The band of the month top ten chart for May 2012 is dominated by bands from England, with only two other countries in the chart – Ukraine and Switzerland. Unlike  the predominance of  one country, the music reflects a broad range of styles. 1. Palace (England) 2. The Pins (England) Just Fine is available on * 3. The Redundants (England) 4. Colaars […]

Isaac Indiana

Isaac Indiana is a five piece progressive rock band from Exeter in England. Less than a year ago Andy Jackson (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Tom Sturges (Vocals, Saxaphone, Guitar), Ben Homer (Vocals, Keys), Sam Hall (Vocals, Drums) and Ben Houghton (Bass) decided they wanted to make their mark on the world of music and have done so with a well inked […]