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New Year Ninety 2013 30 – 21

The New Year Ninety has so far featured bands from every continent – barring Antarctica and a plethora of musical styles. The top 30 places don’t disappoint and here is 30 to 21. 30 – Bottle Cap Rockets (USA) First Seven is available on * 29 – My Glorious (Austria) A Heart On Fire is available from […]

Band of the month top ten chart October 2012

Band of the month top ten chart October 2012 features bands from six countries with the number one spot being taken by Beechwood from the USA. 1. Beechwood (USA) 2. Maybe The Welders (USA) The Old Way is available on * 3. Another7Astronauts (USA) The Golden Autumn and The Afternoon is available on * 4. […]

Band of the Week 14th to 20th October 2012

The band of the week top 5 chart for w/e 20th October on the Indie Bands Blog is represented by bands from four different countries. 1. Pretty Solitude (Sweden) Bring it On is available on * 2. Seething Akira (England) You Missed The Show is available on * 3. Vigogabelah (Mexico) The eponymous EP is available […]

Band of the week 17th to 23rd June 2012

The Band of the week chart for 17th to 23rd June 2012 is dominated by bands from the USA and England. 1. Bottle Cap Rockets (USA) 2. Doctrines (England) 3. Redwire (England) Live Today Die Tomorrow is available on * 4. Magic Trick (USA) Ruler of the Night is available on * 5. The Struts […]

Band of the week 10th to 16th June 2012

The Band of the week top five chart for w/e 16th June 2012 features bands from three countries and a wide range of musical styles, as would be expected of the readers of the Indie Bands Blog.   1. The Guru (USA) 2. Exit Earth (England) No Light Sense is available on * 3. Bahia Buffalo (Mexico) The […]

Band of the week 1st to 7th April 2012 Top 5 chart

The top five on the band of the week for 1st to 7th April 2012 come from England, Canada and Morocco reflecting the wide and varied musical tastes of the readers of the Indie Bands Blog. 1. Don’t Feed The Robot. (England) 2. The Vex (England) 3. Inspire Influence (Canada) 4. Your New Antique (England) […]

Band of the Week 25th to 31st March 2012

The Ocean from Buenos Aires in Argentina take the Band of the Week for w/e 31st March on the Indie Bands Blog. More on The Ocean. Join the indie bands blog on google plus for more of the best in indie music from around the world.  

Band of the month March 2012

The American based Lo-Fi Surf Hot Babes is the band of the month for March 2012. For more on Hot Babes. Join the indie bands blog on pinterest for more of the best in indie music.

New Year Ninety 2012 – The number one spot is taken by….

As viewed by readers of the indie bands blog during the course of 2011, the number one band on the New Year Ninety 2012 Chart is Audiogold from England. An interesting ride for the band this year and a hugely successful LP release in the form of Embers and Theories has seen the band gain an international […]