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Mutant-Thoughts, originally from Barranquilla in The Republic of Colombia, is an alternative electronica vehicle for Han Luis Cera to express his perceptions of life. The underlying tones register as a sombre note which creates an oppressive atmosphere at the core of the material, which is equally matched by the funereal procession speed of the music overlayed […]

Itching Eyeball… (the left one)

Itching Eyeball… (the left one) a trio from Amsterdam in Holland are an electro-rock band made up of Han Luís Cera (Vocals, Keys), Tristan Driesenaar (Guitar) and Henning Brand (Drums), when you add a German, a Dutchman and a Columbian, no this isn’t the start of a comedy hour, you are left with an intriguing mix, welcome - Itching […]