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The Creptter Children

The Creptter Children is the noir synth rock out-fit centred around Iballa Chantelle (vocals / guitars) and N80R Creptter  (guitar / backing vocals / synths programmer) from Melbourne in Australia. Out come the deep purple velvet elbow length gloves to wrap up the audience as the intoxicating vocal experience that is Iballa as it weaves into the room […]

Dana Jade

Dana Jade from London England is the alternative goth rock out-put of Dana Jade (Vocal / Guitar) with live support from Ian McKenzie (Drums) and John McKenzie (Bass). Appositely publishing runs work well on this occasion as later today lays the oil drenched orgy of The Barbarellatones. Sexuality oozes out of the material, not in the sleazy car-keys in the pot […]