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Mutual Benefit

Mutual Benefit is a Boston (USA) -based experimental indie project from Jordan Lee with recent contributions from Andrew Morehart, Katie Pierce, Bradley Will, Marc Merza and Samuel Yager. In 2009 the debut mixtape “Figure in Black” was released by the solo Jordan Lee, a fragmented cauldron of music which played host to a mixture of […]


In 2007 Shane Sandor moved to Chapel Hill in the USA and thus spawned Promute an experimental sound-scape, which would find an equally comfortable space nearer to my own footsteps in Cambridge in England. Stretching beyond the horizon, settle down to listen to a Promute track and not only are you assured of an intriguing electronics journey, but also […]

Noble Robot

Noble Robot is the experimental indie band made up of Rory Barber and Nellie Gillis from Williamsburg in the USA. This is almost fractals in aural form. Noble Robot has little time for regular musical construction whilst they paint their visualizations of time and space. The high-pitch electronic notes which set the frame-work for much of the […]


gbrl is the solo artist Gabriel Vaschetto, from Santa Fe in Argentina. Playing all parts-  guitar, bass and synths, oh and not forgetting the vocal. Prior to  worrying about ‘unformed’, lets take a step back – this website is to here to explose new music and Gabriel is exploring spaces, with considerable musical adroitness. This […]