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New Year Ninety 2013 40 – 31

The New Year Ninety has been great to compile this year, with bands first written about in 2009 making another appearance along with the newest bands reviewed on the website through-out 2012. Thanks again to the musicians who make it all possible and the readers who make it all worthwhile, not to forget to mention […]

New Year Ninety 2012 90 to 81

Kicking off the New Year Ninety 2012 from 90 to 81. Representations from Asia, Europe and North America in this segment of the chart. 90 – Sistra (Russia) 89 -Hotel of The Laughing Tree (USA) 88 – Four Quartets (England) Magpie by Four Quartets 87 – The Polyamorous Affair (USA) 86 – Rev78 (England) 85 – […]


Eno from Zürich in Switzerland mark my first foray in to the swiss music scene, the duo of  Ivo Münger (drums / keyboard) and Chrisitan Mikolasek (guitar, keyboard) generate a post-rock ambient sound. The success criteria for this style of music must the space between notes and beats and how that space is filled, Eno are deft […]