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Band of the month April 2012 top 10 chart

Band of the month April 2012 top 10 chart on the Indie Bands Blog. With bands from a variety of music styles and from 3 continents, the top 10 chart reflects the diversity of the audience on the website. 1. The Vex (England) 2. The Pins (England) Just Fine is available on * 3. Don’t Feed The […]

Band of the week 1st to 7th April 2012 Top 5 chart

The top five on the band of the week for 1st to 7th April 2012 come from England, Canada and Morocco reflecting the wide and varied musical tastes of the readers of the Indie Bands Blog. 1. Don’t Feed The Robot. (England) 2. The Vex (England) 3. Inspire Influence (Canada) 4. Your New Antique (England) […]

El-Haked – The Indignant – Mouad Belrhouate

El-Haked – The Indignant – Mouad Belrhouate, is from Casablanca in Morocco is a rap artist, so why would I review this guy? This will be but a brief and highly political point. Many musicians wish to change the world, how many have spent time for defying authority. El-Haked – The Indignant – Mouad Belrhouate hits the mark. […]