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Mingmen a heavy metal band from Sion in Switzerland is Sway (Vocals / Guitar), J George (Guitar), Etienne (Bass) and D-Meo (Drums). Mingmen do a good job at making the genre more approachable as rather than jean jackets strewn in badges and grubby leather they concentrate on the construction of the songs, which although containing that distinctive high-pitch voluminous […]

Band of the month August 2012

The Band of the month for August 2012 as voted on by readers of the newsletter features a broad mix of musical styles and bands from three different continents.   1. Pussy Riot (Russia) 2. Magic Trick (USA) The Glad Birth of Love is available on * 3. The Gashers (USA) Law is Not Order is […]

Band of the week 12th to 18th August 2012

The Band of the week for 12th to 18th August 2012 is a chart that once again reflects originality, diversity and currency, as selected by the readers of the Indie Bands Blog. 1. Red Ax Jam (England) Cross The Line is available on * 2. Pussy Riot (Russia) 3. Sine Circle (USA) Aqueous is available […]

Red Ax Jam

Red Ax Jam is a blues rock influenced quintet from London in England. Having started to tour in late 2010 - Max Davey (Vocals), Jared Rood (Guitar), Nima Chatrizeh (Guitar), Paul-Peter Merron (Bass) and Joe Gladwell(Drums) have steadily built up a following with their neatly constructed songs. Solid instruments and layering soar their way out of the speakers as you […]