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gbrl is the solo artist Gabriel Vaschetto, from Santa Fe in Argentina. Playing all parts-  guitar, bass and synths, oh and not forgetting the vocal. Prior to  worrying about ‘unformed’, lets take a step back – this website is to here to explose new music and Gabriel is exploring spaces, with considerable musical adroitness. This […]

A message from Vaqueros Paganos

Clara V. from Vaqueros Paganos, sent me through a video to say thanks to everyone from around the world who voted for them as the Indie bands Blog – Band of the month for September. Thanks Clara V and to all of Vaqueros Paganos and look forward to being able to post tour and release […]

Vaqueros Paganos

There is no surprise that there is a thriving scene in South American indie bands and Vaqueros Paganos are a great example of the creativity. Vaqueros Paganos courtesy of Damian Benetucci After the music, the thing I like best about the band, which translates as Pagan Cowboys and conjures up exactly the right ethos for […]