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Nadine Carina

Nadine Carina is a solo singer songwriter. With Croatian / Italian parentage, born in Switzerland she is now based in Liverpool in England where she creates and delivers experimental alternative folk, which reflects that diversity of influence, through a diversity of instruments including: Piano; Guitar and; MIDI Keyboard. Kicking back in the garden on a sunny afternoon […]

A Dark Horse

From Dublin in Eire we find the duo of James Parker (Vocal / Guitar) and Hugh Rodgers (Guitar / Vocal / Banjo / Bouzouki / Piano / Organ) with friends: Niall Woods (Percussion / Drums); Adrian Mullan (Drum Kit); Luke Slott (Piano); Vyvienne Long (Cello) and Adrian Mullan Snr. (Accordion) aka A Dark Horse. Well you can tell from that list this isn’t […]


Straylings, based around the duo of Dana Zeera and Oliver Drake, is a string of abstract nouns – Indie, Folk, Rock, Alternative – band from London in England. There is an engaging symmetry that shards from the speakers, each laser is the vocal of Dana which shatters in to the ears like breaking glass. Think of an SLR and you […]


Marius us an alternative folk rock band from the Faroe Islands. With a population of only 50 000 and this being the second band I have reviewed from there I think we may well get to list everyone who lives on the Islands in time. Initially with another group at the age of 16 – Marius Ziska […]

All We Are

All We Are is an alternative folk trio based in Liverpool in England. Rich, Guro and Luis originate from Norway, Ireland and Brazil bringing their diversity of backgrounds together which is reflected in the three part harmonised vocals. The music has a mystical feel with solid drums and floating bass laying down a base to the tracks, whilst […]

Obscura Hail

Obscura Hail is the vehicle used by the singer / songwriter Sean Conran from Wollongong in Australia to reflect his evocative indie folk take on life. There is a delightful sound which emerges from the speakers as the creative spark that is Sean Conran flexes his musical talents. The music has a softness which enhances […]

Bec Sandridge

Bec Sandridge is an Australian solo musician originally from Wollongong in Australia, who wrests from her soul an alternative-folk guitar driven construction. Having performed within a band she elected to stride a path on her own, utilising accompaniment as necessary. I seem to have been writing about female singer-songwriters for a few days now and Bec Sandridge is a pleasure to […]