Vaqueros Paganos

There is no surprise that there is a thriving scene in South American indie bands and Vaqueros Paganos are a great example of the creativity.

Vaqueros Paganos courtesy of Damian Benetucci
Vaqueros Paganos courtesy of Damian Benetucci

After the music, the thing I like best about the band, which translates as Pagan Cowboys and conjures up exactly the right ethos for this Argentinian Band.

Having started out in Buenos Aires as a duet comprising Clara V. (Vocals and guitar) and Diego Pagani (vocals and guitar), they teamed up with Coco (Bass), Lean Perry (Keyboards) and Martin Bocking (Drums) at the start of 2008 and the ‘Pagan Cowboys’ set about rounding up the influences as diverse as ’90′s grunge, 50′s ballads and psychedelia; combining this with lyrics about the darker side of love.

Vaqueros Paganos managed to get their first gig on the elusive 29th February 2008 and have since played in Argentina and Uruguay.
Their first album ‘El Libro Negro‘ was released just this year and the artwork is worth time on its own. The album shows clearly their breadth of influence, through the evocative ‘El Pastor’ and the moody ‘La Victima’.

Indie Bands Blog is delighted to be able to provide you with a download of the album.

Please do take some time to check out the bands myspace site and facebook page.

In addition to the album of their own material, they released the surreal Monocovers, which was recorded in an hour using one microphone and includes the diverse range of cover from Frank and Nancy Sinatra, The Poppy Family and Nancy in Chains. (There is a stability issue on this code, but hey, these are indie bands, don’t shoot me, so if you get a white stripe below, here is the link to Monocovers

In addition to playing more gigs, plans include Monocovers II, which as Clara V. suggested should be called Stereocovers along with a follow up album to ‘El Libro Negro’.

It is always a pleasure to write about bands on the indie bands blog, who are out there using the current tools of the trade to develop a profile and a following and I wish Vaqueros Paganos every success.

Thanks to Clara V. for making contact and taking time to handle my ineffective Spanish.

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15 Responses to “Vaqueros Paganos”
  1. diego says:

    heathen cowboys!

  2. Cecilia says:

    yo voto a los vaqueros!!

  3. Tim says:

    Thanks for taking time to comment Martin. Which other bands do you like?

    Gracias para tomar tiempo de comentar Martin. ¿Cuál otras bandas le hacen quiere?

  4. The best band of the local scene in Argentina
    have you any doubt about it?
    Please check and listen!

  5. La mejor banda de la escena local argentina de estos 2 ultimos años
    sin duda!!!!!

  6. admin says:

    Gracias para tomar el intermedio de comentar. Espero también que ellos mantengan ir de la fuerza a la fuerza.

    (Thanks for taking time out to comment. I too hope they keep going from strength to strength.)

  7. pana says:

    Los Vaqueros Paganos son grosisimos!!! tienen toda la onda, asi que larga vida a ellos.

    (the vaquers pagans are very gross. the have all de wave, loco, asi que long life to ellos, old woman!)


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