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Negro Fluo

Another Argentinian Band on indie bands blog, Negro Fluo. perhaps more an enigma in a box.

negro fluo

negro fluo

The music is instantly accessible, Jorge Niklison is far more introspective.

Negro Fluo comprises of only Jorge, yet his loop backs are not just a minutes work.

I managed a short exchange with Jorge, for which I am grateful. As I said on the first entry, Indie Bands blog is about exploring music which resonates and adds to the weave of human experience. With no doubt Negro Fluo hits the mark.

I find the music haunting, to Jorge, from Buenos Aires, his music explores landscapes and situations he has either been in or wants to explore. As he composes and produces, he takes the time to realise his vision. He works hard to produce the sound he wants to express, but doesn’t come over as over-dubbed.

Once again I am pleased to be able to offer a download of the second album. The first album ‘Arenero’ is no longer available, other than the first track on the eponymous Negro Fluo, ‘Hidden clouds’ Negro Fluo. (this is a zip file so will take a moment to download and unzip)

Even the name ‘Negro Fluo’, has no genuine English translation, nor any Spanish construction which makes sense. The unattainable colour, ‘flourescent black’ expresses the enigma which is Jorge. I recall the same intensity and dedication from Ian Curtis with Joy Division.


Indie bands blog on Negro Fluo

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4 Responses to “Negro Fluo”
  1. Xrumer says:

    hello, love from finland. your post looks great. Mind if i quote it in my blog?


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