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gbrl is the solo artist Gabriel Vaschetto, from Santa Fe in Argentina. Playing all parts-  guitar, bass and synths, oh and not forgetting the vocal.



Prior to  worrying about ‘unformed’, lets take a step back – this website is to here to explose new music and Gabriel is exploring spaces, with considerable musical adroitness.

This is completely raw out-put as gbrl seeks to find a space in which to express the emotive vitality. The purity of the stance makes this a viable sound. This is music  based on personal retrospective which Gabriel explores superbly with an open construct on guitar, which is harnessed by the synth, bringing shape to the whole sound.

gbrl has all the essential ingredient for some superb experimental material, if only Gabriel will come out of the shadow.

01 – CONTROL by gbrl

Many thanks to Clara V (again) from Vaqueros Paganos for the rapid translation.

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  1. darmo says:

    Very interesting, thanks a lot!

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