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From Buenos Aires in Argentina, DeLasAguas who play a blend of psychedelic experimental rock comprise: Juan Manuel Duran (Guitar and Vocal), Pablo Cascini (Bass and Vocal), Charly Garassino (Guitar and Vocal) and Joa Molina (Drums). More than just a band based on sound the visual conceptualisation of the music is a fundamental part of their output. Javi Devitt is responsible for videos and Franco Pellicciaro for the graphics.



DeLasAguas play relentless music, which demands the full attention of what is more a participator than a listener. Their live sets are characterised by continual music, with neither a pause nor dialogue between tracks. They aim quite simply to challenge the audience.

This could all fall down as pretentious nonsense, were it not for the fact that these guys can play and play well. They are able to create tracks with enormous content and deliver dramatic speed changes in mid chord, with the whole band staying absolutely together.

It is great to hear this type of experimentation with not just the music, but combining the visual elements as an integral part of the whole piece.

DLA – Florencia Bajo Las Aguas from Javi Devitt on Vimeo.

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The South American indie scene and in particular the bands from Argentina are pushing the creative boundaries as much as the bands from Scandinavia and deserves a much higher consideration from websites like the indie bands blog.

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