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Wings of Apollo

Wings of Apollo is a rock band from Nashville in the USA. The trio of Jesse Korby (Guitar / Vocals), Pat Graves (Bass) and David Martin (Drums) who met at high-school have been honing their skills now since late 2007 have just released their debut eponymous LP.

Wings of Apollo

Wings of Apollo

Why the delay you may wonder, well due pretty well to the fact that because of continued education they found themselves spread across the country and it is only recently that they have been able to get back together full time. I don’t intend to review the new release other than as a reference point. Suffice it to say that although the three have only been able to play fleeting gigs during holidays the trio sound as though they have been together for years.

It is once again something of a surprise that I find myself looking at a rock-band. It must be something about this bright- but cold Monday morning as I type, as this is the third review on the trot which musically is in the middle of the ball-park, a place I tend to avoid. But once again this the third review is a superb place in which to dwell.

The words - Nashville, RockJimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and the Red Hot Chili Peppers faced me in the introduction so I set off to have a listen anticipating I would fall asleep half-way through the opening bar – far from it. Wings of Apollo have tamed the existential monotony of the influences to deliver some sharply honed material which ripples of textures of guitar, an interesting vocal which slides in and out of falsetto and drifting drums, wrapping it all together in a volume that caresses the ears as it whispers in to the room.

There is a powerful undercurrent of material which is delivered to the audience, not through pulsating volume, or lengthy side-tracks, rather through intricately written melodies in which the impression is given of a far larger number of players and a clear direction of travel. The LP is available on a pay as you like basis from their website  and Wings of Apollo is a band I would imagine is well worth taking a trip to see live.

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