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Visceral Design

Visceral Design is the alternative indie duo of Donald Kaufman and Berkay Birecikli from Los Angeles in the USA.

Visceral Design is an alternative indie duo from the USA.

Visceral Design

Having had the pleasure of getting to hear Visceral Designs music, track by track, over the recent past I have got to know their musical style which incorporates a range of influences from Eastern Raga to Western Pop with a plethora of instruments from the Sitar to the latest electronic gadgets with a sound that revolves around a somewhat cynical disposition, lyrically, as

they explore the ever more isolated nature of individuals within a world that pretexts more electronic connectivity through never meeting. Referencing as a source of inspiration Brave New World and as Huxley sits in my top authors, how could I not be intrigued.

The combination of styles and instrumentation generates tracks, which though relatively brief pack an LPs worth of exploration with in the three to three and a half minutes of auditory travel. This is a sound which can be pumped out across the nightclub or equally be delivered to a quieter moment at home.

Given that the band is very new on the scene they have already come along way and it is thanks to people such as Donald and Berkay that I continue to write about and hope to give some exposure to the newest sounds emerging from across the world.


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