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ViLiFi is a progressive alternative rock band from Merritt Island in the USA. Formerly known as oNe – the trio of Shain Honkonen (Vocals / Guitar), Chris Marshall (Drums) and Dylan Thomas (Bass) cleverly blend a range of influences.



Neatly packaged, perhaps a little too much so for my ears, but that doesn’t take away from some delightful song writing in which the use of the three instruments provides an entertaining space. There are innumerable reasons why this shouldn’t be on my list of bands to write about, but they are all personal angsts.

ViLiFi are able to pull out of the bag examples of music which just has the brain reeling with the punches. On the surface this is standard fare, until the drum is considered and the guitar is allowed to wander in to the space, then the ears are given a treat of superlatives. I could quite happily sit in awe watching the drummer do his thing, then despite my instincts, mouth agape, take the time to watch fingers flying over the frets on guitar. More importantly the aural stimulus is equally as intoxicating. Once bass and vocal are added to the sound track we find an immensely talented group who know precisely what they are aiming to deliver and do it with top marks.

No, it will never sit as a natural space to me, as their target is someone tangential to mine, but for those who enjoy the sparkling accents of guitar virtuoso and the enormity of bullet-proof drumming, ViLiFi is a band that needs to be on the essential playlist.


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