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Two Suns

Two Suns is the solo project under which Jake Davidson from Norman, Oklahoma in the USA plies his mix of laptop electronica and instrumentation.

Two Suns

Two Suns

The combination of laptop electronics and live instrumentation generates an appealing combination of sounds, which Two Suns moulds in to an airy space in which the creativity of the music is given plenty of room to develop.

There is a silken feel to the out-put Jake Davidson releases, at once engaging but simultaneously not extravagant. I am reminded of sounds from many influences, though the material contains a touch of other-worldiness that many creators in area seek to develop without the success Two Suns manage, which means pinning down any major source material irrelevant.

Scintillating use of fingers sliding over strings are pitched perfectly and merged with the same sound generated electronically. There is a sense that Two Suns is an opportunity for Jake to share some of the more poignant moments in his life, even the project is so called, in recognition of his having two sons.

Whilst the music is covered in a sheen, it is powerful and cleverly constructed, providing the listener ample opportunity to notice a conglomeration of emphasis, which keeps the sound entertaining and absorbing.

01 Five Months Gone By by twosunsmusic


Two Suns regularly release new and engaging material and it is always interesting to find out what is next.

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