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Them Bird Things

Them Bird Things, formed in late 2007, as collaboration between singer Salla Day, from Finland Steve Blodgett and Mike Brassard, established and renowned songwriters from America and producer Will Shade along with Timo Vikkula (Guitar), Esa Jussila (Bass) and Ville Särmä (Drums).

Them Bird Things Photo by Pirita Särmä

Them Bird Things Photo by Pirita Särmä

Salla loved the songs written by Steve and Mike and formed a band which intended to perform from the hundreds of unreleased songs the pair had written since the 1960′s. The song writers were smitten with Them Bird Things and started to write specifically for the band.

The story of Them Bird Things makes a fascinating read in itself and well worth exploring on the bands website.

The distinctive voice of Salla Day leads the band on a tour of Americana. With so many talented musicians and writers involved in the project, it would be easy to become lazy. But Them Bird Things are producing their distinctive out-put through hard graft and as a result the songs are tight, yet have the sound of spontaneity which is absolutely essential as influences of 60′s beat and folk-rock rise to the surface.

They easily traverse the bridges of their diverse out-put with superb acoustic guitar being replaced with rockabilly beats from one track to the next. The echoing guitar reminds me of The Shadows, the whole of Them Bird Things is far more than the sum of their individual parts.

Them Bird Things: I Can See Russia From Here

Them Bird Things | MySpace Music Videos

Their recently released album Fly,Them Bird Things, Fly! is available on Them Bird Things - Fly, Them Bird Things, Fly! *.

Currently working on a second album due for release in summer 2010, Them Bird Things are set for greater success.

Thanks to Will Shade for spending time answering my questions. Follow the link for more on the indie bands blog about Them Bird Things.

*purchases made through the Them Bird Things - Fly, Them Bird Things, Fly! link will result in indie bands blog receiving a commission.
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