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Their Planes Will Block Out The Sun

Their Planes Will Block Out The Sun is an an alternative indie rock band constituted of John Falcone (Drums), Victor Fernandes (Vocals), Wayne Green (Bass), Craig Monaco (Guitars)and Paul Falcone  (keys) from New York in the USA.

Their Planes Will Block Out The Sun

Their Planes Will Block Out The Sun

Maybe it is just that today as I write is particularly chilly as winter begins to draw down its cloak, but not only does Their Planes Will Block Out The Sun suit the mood, but they also make it seem as though I have a warming fireplace glowing in the corner. Which, where I am perched today in the smokeless zone of London just raises a sense of nostalgia.

I enjoy the sounds winding their ways in to my ears which draw as their source a diversity of thematics from the ’50s which they transpose forward  by 60 years to the current world. It is like small-town America finally maturing and the white-picket fences growing some moss. A mélange of instrumental influences is given permit to inculcate the framework of the compositions to provide the filler that resonates of sentimentality, providing the real interest to the out-put.

The dreamy qualities enable the storyline of the lyric to gently unfurl like glowing embers in the fireplace and the listener is drawn to visual imagery sparked in the brain by the material floating around the head. The soft deliver is perfectly pitched for the music on offer and is something to set on the play button in a moment of quiet reflection.


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