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The Ugly Club

The Ugly Club is a psychedelic indie band from New Jersey in the USA. With a couple of EPs behind them, most recently Visions of Tall Girl,  Ryan EganTaylor MandelRick Sue-PoiRyan McNulty and Joey Stasio are currently working on a debut LP scheduled for release in the summer of 2012. (that’ll be a Northern Hemisphere Summer for the readers of the site in the Southern Hemisphere).


The Ugly Club

The Ugly Club

It’s not all about recorded music as The Ugly Club can be seen playing regularly. There is a fairground feel element to this, I kind of find myself out on the coast on a warm day whirling around on a ferris wheel. Open frets and open sounds characterises the material which lends itself to Woodstock mark I and that is no bad thing.

With the addition of the fifth member in the band, they can explore the psychedelia influences, but manage to keep it all in context so the listener doesn’t feel as though they are tripping out on some heavy duty Acid loop. This is a genuine merge of indie-rock with psychedelia to emerge with  something that makes the brain feel good.

The Ugly Club is beginning to play around with more morose jazz influenced sounds, yet still retain that up-beat core to the out-put.


Visions of Tall Girl is available on Visions of Tall Girl EP - The Ugly Club*

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