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The Trap

The Trap is an indie rock band from Nevada in the USA. Kevin Click (Guitar, Vocals), Erin Melugin Davis (Vocals, Percussion), Jason Graham (Bass, Synthesizers, Percussion),  Jonathan Hansard (Guitar) and Jacob Hansard (Drums, Percussion) combine to generate a sound with a slightly Celtic lilt.

The Trap

The Trap

An ensemble of influences gather in the heads of the members of The Trap and rather than dividing it all in to neat parcels, they sweep it up in to one huge pile and deliver a resounding response. I can hear Celtic rock, Big Stage Americana, 70′s stadium and roots delving in to blues. Instead of it becoming a bag of randomness, they sculpt the material in to a stream that the ear finds intriguing.

Sympathetically the band players are able to engage with each other and produce a sound that resonates neatly and has a certain currency, whilst simultaneously unafraid to announce the influences. Big guitar is shadowed by the lower regions of sound prior to vocal lifting the music to a higher space. Whilst there is undoubtedly a reference to the Eastern Atlantic shores, The Trap is undoubtedly a band steeped in American Culture and mores, so I am not sure how well this will travel across the world, but with a potential audience of nearing 5% of the worlds population, I am not sure that matters too much.


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