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The Steepwater Band

The Steepwater Band were originally formed in 1998 in Chicago, USA, when Jeff Massey (Guitar/Vocals), Joe Winters (Drums) and Tod Bowers (Bass) met at a Black Crowes concert and found a shared interest in Electric Blues. The intervening decade has seen the band tour extensively, both at home and across Europe. Their dedication to playing live performances hasn’t stopped them releasing four studio recorded albums.

The Steepwater Band

The Steepwater Band

Having been together for over a decade, it is great to hear a band who still maintain the edge and spark, which so many far younger bands loose all to quickly. Their extensive touring has enabled The Steepwater Band to play in a confident and relaxed style, enabling them to enjoy the music ever more and as a result instead of becoming a jaded touring band, this experience enables them to have the confidence and interplay between the trio to play spontaneously. The musical output, is presented confidently, with the signature Massey slides is complemented by the strong drum rhythms of Winters and the ability Bowers has to carry melody. The Trio comfortably range through Delta blues, soulful boogie, and backwoods psychedelia, yet remain as fresh and relevant today as when they started out in 1998.

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The 2008 released album, Grace and Melody is a superb showcase of The Steepwater Band. The Steepwater Band - Grace and Melody

Currently on a tour in the US, their is a European Schedule coming up early next year and the Indie Bands Blog, will be providing these details pretty soon.

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