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The Soft Pack

The Soft Pack, from Los Angeles, originally called The Muslims, they changed their name after continual racist comments. Matt Lamkin (Vocals / Guitar), Danny McLoughlin (Guitar), Dave Lantzman (Bass) and Brian Hill (Drums) have released three singles, two EPS and an eponymous LP which came out in February 2010 The Soft Pack *.

The Soft Pack

The Soft Pack

Straight forward music which could have been pulled directly out of CBGB‘s. Richard Hell and The Ramones come immediately to mind. Excepting the songs extend typically over four minutes, not the ’70s maximum of 180 seconds.

The Soft Pack, are an unpretentious indie rock band, not trying to re-invent the wheel, but adding their own layers and experiences to a high energy, drum driven sound. It is the simplicity of the music which makes for its appeal.

Throbbing guitar and bass accompany the vocal, this is music which to me just needs the small pub venue and the pogo and life is set fair.

It is a credit to the band that they can not only sustain the music over more than three minutes, but that they sound useful in an open air festival as well as in the sounds natural home.

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