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The Ovaltines

The Ovaltines is the garage lo-fi out-fit of Jaime Piacente and Dave Schurtman  from New Jersey in the USA.

The Ovaltines

The Ovaltines

All the best of lo-fi garage rock spins out in to the room when play is hit and The Ovaltines is able to deliver something that is almost an oxymoron in the genre, there are effectively only two of them, but it sounds to be many more, but this isn’t done through production values or loudness, simply by some intricate compositions which meld the guitar and drum in to a power-ball of joy.

Influences from The Velvet Underground are shredded in to sounds of the 21st Century to reveal a gauze of melancholic angsts, which are delivered in a shroud of fuzzed sound with the essential echoes and squeals of feedback.  The duality of vocal adds an engaging texture to the material which creates a quirky and unexpected sound that the duo are able to pull-off to the betterment of the out-put, which also adds to the sing-a-long-ability of the material.

Working in this style tests the mettle of the players as any and each error is magnified by the very nature of the sound. With great confidence The Ovaltines is able to rise to the challenge and produce something that is pretty special and worth more than a fleeting glance even if it may not be a sound that sits naturally in your head. For me, as you well know by now, lo-fi and my head have a very happy connection.


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